Monday, July 21, 2008

A Trip Downtown

On the tail end of our time in Salt Lake with my brother Joe, we spent a day downtown doing the whole Temple Square thing.

We decided to ride the light rail into the city, which made the boys giddy with excitement. Take a good look at Roo though:

Seconds after I snapped that photo she hurled all over the train. It was quite the dramatic start to our day. But after doing some extra things to ensure her comfort, we were still able to have a wonderful time. I didn't get very many pictures, but here's a few.

Here's Fish sitting on a chair in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. He said he was being the King.

Me and the critters took my sister Emily to lunch at the Lion House while the Badger went to lunch with an old friend from High School. Emily works downtown (in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, actually) and it was so fun to see her. I was a little nervous taking four small children to the Lion House, but they did me proud. It was funny to see them inhale their bowl of jello cubes and their slice of cheesecake.

Here's the classic photo everyone takes from the 10th floor observation deck of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

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