Friday, July 18, 2008

The First Reunion

We were able to attend two reunions while in Utah. The first was on the Badger's side of the family and it happened the day after Heather's wedding. It took place up Hobble Creek Canyon (which my boys called "Hobbit Creek Canyon") at a property called "The Hatch Patch" which belongs to a distant relative by the name of Hatch. I have been hearing about these Hatch Patch reunions ever since I became a part of this family and I've always wanted to go to one. Wouldn't YOU want to go to a reunion at some place called the Hatch Patch? I was not disappointed. It was a great reunion.

Lots of people:

And the Badger's aunt did an awesome presentation about her family history research. This woman is a family history maniac and she's done incredible things. She dug up all these distant cousins in Wales and England and got them to come to the reunion. It was fun to meet them. She has also discovered old photos and artifacts under miraculous circumstances so she had some awesome stories to tell. Family history is powerful, man. I love family reunions.

(I'm in this picture, if you can find me. Hint: I have a Rabbit on my lap.)

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