Thursday, July 24, 2008


I've been shopping garage sales and clearance sales for a couple of months now and I had quite a pile of little things to give the boys for their birthdays. They were thrilled to have so many presents to open.

I also went to the educational toy store and shelled out big bucks for one nice thing for each of them. It's funny how most of the time I'm a total tightwad, but when it comes to certain things I'm willing to pay, like educational birthday and Christmas presents for the kids. But that's why I cut so many corners in other aspects: so that when occasions like this come around, I have money to blow.

Bean had been playing this game "Blokus" at Uncle Joe's house. I had never played it with him, but it looked like a good fun brain-building game so I decided to buy it. It was a bit pricey, but I'm so glad I bought it. I've since played it with him and it's really fun. I love games that are fun for kids and grownups. In fact, recently I chucked Candy Land in the trash. For one thing, I hate playing it with them because it's boring for me and they get so upset every time we play it because it's based entirely on chance. For another thing, they were constantly scattering the cards all over creation and they'd beat the box to death. Anyway, Blokus is a real winner. Fish can play it, but he doesn't really get the strategy yet. Bean was so good at the strategy he blew me away. I loved watching the little gears turning in his brain as we played.

Look at that excited, happy Bean face!

I scored again on Fish's main present: a big set of Lincoln Logs. He has been playing with them non-stop ever since, building elaborate three-story log palaces. The set also came with cowboy and Indian figurines which have already provided hours of entertainment for both Bean and Fish. My money was very well spent!

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Becca said...

We love Blokus! Tyler loves playing too. He can play it the way the instructions say, but he also likes to play the easy way, which is just putting the pieces down, touching the same color, but not any of the others and making rectangles (we have the smaller version of the game, differnt shapes). It's fun and challenging enough that when John and I play it's always a guess as to who will win.