Wednesday, July 16, 2008

An Evening to Remember

The Badger's sister Heather had her wedding reception the day before her wedding. (I think this is becoming a trend nowadays, which is interesting to me since the Badger wanted to do this when we got married but my parents thought it was too unconventional...) Anyway, it was a really good idea. I remember being so incredibly exhausted at the end of my wedding day after ceremony and reception and everything else. This way, none of us were too tired to fully enjoy the event.

It was held on a beautiful late June evening in the world-famous yard of the Badger's ancestral home. It was one of those evenings that everyone who attended is going to always remember with a fond sigh. Not only was there that perfect wedding magic present that young girls dream of, but there was a tremendous amount of love and laughter emanating from all the guests. It was a truly joyful celebration.

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Becca said...

Great pictures... looks like you did a good job. You probably should repost the "wide eyed and wondering" pictures as they don't pull up like they should.