Monday, July 28, 2008

Contest Results

Thank you to the dozen of you who entered my contest! Many of you responded on Facebook, so I reposted your entries here on the blog so everyone could see all twelve.

Most of your entries responded to the sweetness of the photo: "In Daddy's Arms" or "Daddy's Little Girl." A couple responded to that little twinkle in my Rabbit's eye and went with a humorous entry: "Daaaad! Not in PUBLIC!" or "I got him where I want him..."

Special mention goes to my friend Sue who sent this very thought-provoking little poem:

Heart swells
From tender bride
Ringing heaven's belles
From Father's side

However, I think my favorite combines both the tenderness of the photo and the fact that the Rabbit looks like she knows she's got Dad wrapped around her finger: "All Mine." So, congratulations to my friend Sarah B. from Idaho! For your prize, I'm going to mail you one of my favorite books.

Thanks again, everyone! This was really fun!

1 comment:

Simplymom said...

You should leave your contests open longer!!! I only manage to check blogs a couple times a week. Very cute picture though. I love seeing your kids grow up. I need my own digital camera, so I don't have to wait for Stephen to bring home his work one.