Monday, July 21, 2008

A Great Parade

Something like 300,000 people attend the Provo Fourth of July parade every year. People start camping out the night before to get their space. We couldn't do that, but we did have an inside connection for a good parking space. And some nice family let us share their front-row tarp, so we had an awesome view.

It's a great parade, with a lot of variety. There were lots of marching bands, which are always popular with my crew:

I guess I should say they're always popular with my boys. Roo finds them a little disturbing.

The downside of Provo on the 4th is that it's usually 100 degrees by the end of the day. Even though the parade is in the morning, it's usually in the 90s. I left the Rabbit at Bag End with Grandpa because I knew she wouldn't do well in the inferno and the rest of us employed various means of keeping cool.

(A boy scout troop was making a killing selling Otter Pops four for a dollar. For two bucks, we all got sufficiently chilled out. Contrast that to the local minor league baseball game I went to recently where a bottle of water was $2.75 and an Icee was $3.50!)
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