Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Second Family Reunion

I mentioned that we went to two reunions while we were on our trip. The second was my side of the family:

Here is a picture of three pilots. On the left is my dad, who flew privately for years, even owning his own aircraft at one point. In the middle is my Badger, who flies commercially for a living. On the right is my uncle Steve, who is a veteran pilot from World War Two. I hear they were having a great conversation. I like this photo because it shows how my roots influenced my choices later in life. Because I grew up with a pilot Dad (and uncle), I was immediately interested in the Badger when I met him because he was heading into an aviation career. And aviation was the icebreaker in reconciling my Dad to my choice of husband. It's difficult to explain, but the whole situation gives me warm fuzzies, as does this photo.

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