Monday, July 21, 2008

Three Days at Uncle Joe's

While in Utah, we spent three days at my brother Joe's house. We ate well, played hard, and forged strong bonds between cousins. Joe and Kathleen are exceptionally excellent homeschooling parents and their kids are so cool. They have a house full of all kinds of awesome educational toys as well as enough musical instruments to outfit an orchestra. I loved watching my kids interact with their kids. Here Fish and Ned put the finishing touches on a huge block conglomeration:

The swingset in their backyard provided a lot of amusement as well.

Roo enjoyed helping out in the kitchen. Here she's helping make crescent rolls with two of her cousins.

Joe and Kathleen eat very healthy. When I was a kid I did not like the food at their house, but I've changed a bit. This time around I thoroughly loved eating totally vegan for three days. And even better, my kids lapped up Aunt Kathleen's food without any complaint at all! I must be doing something right.

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