Saturday, July 26, 2008

Perfect Pesto

I went a-harvesting in my garden yesterday and brought home kale, chard, yellow squash, and a huge pile of basil.

So of course I made pesto.

I set Bean to work peeling garlic cloves for me. He had so much fun he peeled more than the recipe calls for.

I threw them all in my robot culinaire anyway. I was in a garlicky mood. I also poured in olive oil and added a chunk of parmesan cheese and a handful of walnuts. I'm not rich enough to buy pine nuts, but if you use walnuts it's called "winter pesto" which sounds very chef-y instead of very tightwad-y and I like that.

Oh, and salt. Don't forget the salt.


This ended up being the most scrumptious batch of pesto I have ever made. I think it was the extra garlic. Even Roo gobbled it down on crackers.

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