Thursday, July 17, 2008

At the Temple

Here's the Badger's family posed outside the Manti LDS Temple the day of Heather's wedding. The Badger is one of seven children and there are currently nineteen grandchildren. Everyone was there except the oldest and his family-- they unfortunately were in the middle of a trans-state move when the wedding happened. But here is most of the family, including twelve of the grandchildren:

Note my howling Rabbit!

As you may have noticed, there is quite a flock of small boys in the family. I posed them on the hill and got this great picture, which you should enlarge and take a close look at because it's darling:

(I hope all my readers know that you can click on any picture on my blog and it will enlarge.)

Here's our little group:

Fish really likes to roll up his tie.

And finally, I was very pleased with how this picture of me and my girls turned out:

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bachel said...

Okay, thats the most gorgeous picture! I'm so jealous, you knoe our issues with Abby and pictures. You must get that enlarged and framed!!