Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Dang Good Batch of Bread

I mentioned how I've been baking all my family's bread lately. I don't know how I do it. I can't get the laundry done and my kids won't go to bed and I haven't left the house all week, but we usually have bread. Priorities, I guess.

Anyway, with our family in the state it's in, some batches have been better than others. My last batch, two days ago, was barely edible. The kids lost the kitchen timer, so when the Badger put it in the oven during my nap he just looked at the clock. He's usually pretty good about keeping track of things like that, but he was on call and he got called in on a flight about 10 minutes into the baking. I was dead asleep and he had to leave in an instant. He wasn't able to call me and wake me up to get the bread out of the oven until it had been in half an hour too long. It was pretty dry and tough. Roo ate it as bread and milk, but when I tried to slice it for toast it fell apart.

The kitchen timer turned up that evening buried in our couch's bowels. I guess our new couch is not only fragrant but likes to snack. (I'm not sure if it's allergic to pillows because I haven't tried putting any on it. The ones I have don't match. And the fragrance is a lot better lately, in case you were wondering.)

Oh dear, I'm off on another tangent about my couch. What was I saying? Oh yeah, bread.

This is what I pulled out of the oven today. Absolutely perfect texture, color, flavor, shape, etc. Golly, it was divine. We inhaled an entire loaf at dinner time.

It may seem a small thing, but the satisfaction of seeing a batch of bread like this went a long way toward making up for all the crayoned-on walls and urine soaked sheets and diaper blowouts and "he hit me!"s that filled up a good portion of the rest of the day.

We all need things like this in our life-- things that make us feel like we can do something right on days when it seems like life is more than we can handle. What did it for you the last time you had a hard day?

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Becca said...

a bowl of ice cream...

you know me, it always works!

Anna said...

Yummm. You're making me hungry. Your family is so cute! Thanks for keeping up your blog so I can keep up on your life.