Tuesday, March 25, 2008


The baby and I had a visit with the midwife today. My little Rabbit now weighs 9 lbs 9 oz-- excellent growth for her and yet she still weighs less than Roo did when she was born. It's kind of weird to look at my little Rabbit right now and think that I delivered a baby larger than her. Gosh, maybe I really am Supermom.

I made JaneAnne's chowder recipe for dinner tonight. It was totally awesome and I devoured two large bowls. For some odd reason, though, my boys did not like it, especially Bean. I don't know why, since they've eaten other chowders I've made without any complaints. Plus, one of our favorite songs around here goes like this (sung to the tune of "If You're Happy and You Know It"): If you think that yams are yummy, yell out "yes" "YES!"...

Maybe the problem with the chowder had to do with Bean cutting his six-year molars. I did not even know that kids cut a new set of molars at age six until he complained that his mouth hurt and I looked in and said, "wow, that's either a massive abscess or you've got another tooth coming in!" I'm hoping this explains why he has been so touchy lately.

I have a new friend who I have so much in common with it's eerie. We met in the mother's lounge at church and it came out that we have the same number of kids nearly the same ages and genders, the same midwife delivered our babies, and we both homeschool. She invited us to Easter dinner at her house and we had a great time. The only bummer is that she lives 20 miles away.

My new friend asked me to bring dessert when I came to dinner, so I made Pioneer Woman's carrot cake recipe. I think I like my friend Eve's "World's Best Carrot Cake" better (it has pineapple and coconut and raisins) but this had better frosting. She had you add chopped pecans to the cream cheese frosting and let me tell you, I did not think cream cheese frosting could possibly taste any better until I encountered it with such lovely little bits of crunch and a slight nutty flavor. My, oh, my, oh, my!

Which brings me to my last tidbit. We're joining the YMCA. I'm going to need it.


Flssgrl said...

Indeed 6 year molars and 12 year molars too! There are four of them so it might take a while for all 4 to break through.
Good Luck Bean!
Flssgrl.....Dental Hygienist and Blogger

Becca said...

6 year molars? then why in the world is my son getting them at age 4? have fun...

janeannechovy said...

Glad you liked the chowder! Just sorry the kids didn't.