Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I was really resisting giving the baby a pacifier. I used them with Bean and Roo and decided that they were more trouble than they were worth and to be avoided if possible. One of many reasons is that Roo was only broken of her binky habit a few short months ago and I didn't want her getting back into it.

Well, I finally broke down and decided that life around here would be more pleasant if my little Rabbit had a plastic plug stuck in her mouth, since her sucking needs seem to surge right when I am trying to make lunch or dinner for three other hungry children. Also, she always screams in the car and that's very stressful. So we went binky shopping, and I decided to buy her a Soothie. Several of her cousins have liked them, but, more importantly, they look very unlike the Nuks that Roo used.

My Rabbit refuses to have anything to do with her Soothies. Her sister, however....

Never mind that it doesn't look a thing like a Nuk, she proclaimed it "Meekee!" and claimed it as her own.

My dear cousin Cynthia, hearing of our plight, bought my Rabbit some Mams. We've had some success with them, but overall the binky project isn't a thrilling triumph.

It doesn't help that whenever we reach for the "mute button" it isn't there, and from some far distant corner of the house a delighted toddler is joyfully proclaiming "Meekee!" as she hides said object in her secret toddler hiding place, along with the clip that keeps her in her high chair and the key to our piano.

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Becca said...

ha ha ha...

Sounds like my house. Jenna took Curtis's binkie and started chewing on it, so much so that we had to toss it because it had holes in it (she has the pointiest canines I have EVER seen). Curtis doesn't care for the binkie either, but occasionally he will use it.