Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Basket Tradition

When Bean was a newborn, I had this awesome oval-shaped basket with a handle that just cried out to have me put him in it and take a bunch of pictures. I took basket pictures again with both baby Fish and baby Roo. However, during Roo's photo shoot, my proactive Bean decided to pick up the basket by the handle with Roo still in it. The handle immediately broke, ruining the basket but luckily not harming small Roo.

Being a sixth child who has about three total baby photos and no baby book, I'm really trying to make sure that Little Four gets most of the things her siblings got. So I found another basket. It's square and it has no handle, but it's just the right size for a newborn and I got some darling photos. Here are my three favorites:

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Becca said...

looking at these makes me want to see the rest of the kids in the other basket...

scraps said...

too cute, wish I would have thought of something like this when my children were small.
Great picutres.

Trine said...

oh...what a precious little baby! I just love this pictures!
Lots of greetings from Norway!
(ps, just surfed into your blog!)