Friday, March 14, 2008

Keeping Bean Busy

Bean's having a bit of a hard time lately. The combination of winter, new location, and new baby has left him feeling a bit cooped up. The Badger and I have been discussing ways we can channel him positively. Bean is an extremely hands-on kid, so we've been looking for things he can make and build and create that are age-appropriate but also that Fish and Roo won't get into and destroy.

One huge winner has been giving him the job of Making Fruit Salad. He's capable of doing it all himself. He gets out a couple of apples, a couple of oranges, a banana, and some grapes and washes, peels, and chops. Then he adds some plain yogurt and Fish helps him stir. It's a very tasty salad and it has the added benefit of keeping him from hovering at my elbow and whining that he's hungry while I'm making lunch.

Today's salad was extra special because we had fresh pineapple and plums in the house. The boys were very excited.

It was really really pretty and it tasted really really good!

If any of you have suggestions of ways to keep a six-year-old boy's hands busy, I'd be happy to hear them.

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