Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Perplexing Problem

We have a couch again. It is not our dream couch, but it was cheap on Craig's List and it came with a slipcover that insures it pretty much goes with anything. The bones of the couch are good, so if I ever decide to follow my destiny and become an upholsterer (I should tell you that story sometime!) then I could have fun recovering it. It's even a hide-a-bed, so if you come stay at my house you can have the exhilarating experience of sleeping with an uncomfortable bar across your back.

Anyway, I have discovered that this new couch has the same strange problem that my old couch had. I was sure it was a peculiarity of my old couch because how many couches can you possibly meet that are allergic to pillows?

No matter how many times a day I put the throw pillows on my old couch, I would turn around a minute or two later and find that it had somehow expelled them from itself and hurled them around the room. I can only figure it was sneezing them off.

Well, this couch does the same thing! I cannot get those pillows to stay on there! Maybe it's the pillows. Did I accidentally buy Mexican Jumping Pillow Forms at JoAnn's when I made them?

Anyone else have any ideas?

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Annalea said...

My couch has a similar allergy--but I think it's a munchkin allergy, not a pillow allergy. When the kids come around, the couch sneezes those pillows right off, and there's no stopping it.

The only answer I've found is to skip the pillows. Then the couch can sneeze to it's allergic content, without any dire consequences for the room. For now, the pillows are in a bag or box in storage. If I ever get our couch looking decent again, and it's not somewhere that munchkins happen to be on any regular basis, I might bring them out again.

Occasional sneezes I can handle . . . but cleaning up several dozen times daily after a sneezing couch is more than I can handle! lol

Jenilyn said...

We have the same problem and finally gave in and bought it some pillows to throw around the floor. It was told in no uncertain terms which pillows were allowed on the floor and which had to stay on the couch. It mostly listened.

Becca said...

Don't worry about the allergies...let the pillows fly by sneezing. Just put them back on at night and when guests come over. Either that or ban your boys from the couch because I'm sure they are the real culprits. :)

Dr. Croc said...

The allergy is called KIDS.

Flssgrl said...

That is too funny I was just thinking tonight I was the only one with this problem...glad to see other couches and owners suffer from said pillow allergies...