Friday, February 15, 2008

Looking on the Bright Side

As the end of my pregnancy looms ahead, I offer the following list:

Ten Wonderful Things About Being Pregnant

1. Differential treatment from the public when your condition is obvious
2. Being able to eat more and get away with it
3. Never being cold in the winter because you have your own little nuclear furnace
4. Your husband being more inclined to rub your back and bring you drinks of water
5. The enhanced flavors of food-- everything tastes so good!
6. No matter how monstrous the rest of your children are being, one of them is contained and quiet
7. The anticipation, the fantasizing about what this one is going to look like
8. Expectant Mother parking at Babies R Us
9. Thicker hair and nicer fingernails
10. The little kicks and wiggles and bumps that constantly let you know that you're sharing your body with a distinctly separate individual whom you come to feel very bonded to-- it's a totally unique and very sacred experience

I am eight days from my official due date, well into that strange psychological zone where I live with the constant knowledge that at any moment I might have to drop everything and say "It's Time." Since Roo was a week late and since I've just been through a really stressful move I just can't believe it's going to happen anytime soon. Then I remind myself that Fish surprised the heck out of me and the Badger by coming 10 days early and so I'd better get those bags packed.

I've had one early, one late, and one right on his due date. What's your vote for this time around? (See poll in sidebar! Vote Early and Vote Often!)

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Annalea said...

Since Blogger says polls aren't available, I'm going to post my answer here. I'm betting on late--mostly because of the stress of the move. (That's also my midwife's guess, btw, so I've got some backing. ;o)