Saturday, February 9, 2008

Roo is Two!

Boy, things are crazy around here. We've had major computer problems, which we're still working on fixing. Anyway, I do have some pictures of Roo on her birthday. The pictures that turned out all ended up being of her in her high chair, but that's pretty appropriate since she spends a good deal of time there.

Here she is at breakfast on her birthday with a rice milk mustache:

Here's her birthday dinner, a sort of chili-dip with chips that the Badger threw together because we were all totally fried that afternoon:

And here's Roo and her birthday cake. I made Eve's "World's Best Carrot Cake" again, but this time it wasn't the world's best. I didn't bake it long enough and it was practically RAW in the middle. I was so embarrassed! The outside edges were pretty good though. And Roo LOVED the cream cheese frosting. You can tell because in these pictures there is nearly no frosting to be seen.

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