Saturday, February 16, 2008

What He Wears Under His Flight Suit

At his new job, the Badger wears this crazy flight suit. Looks kind of like a Star Trek uniform.

When he got home today I noticed that he was wearing a Cirro shirt under his flight suit! Ah, I love this man!

If you haven't heard of Cirro, you haven't known me very long. He's a little doodle I used to draw on everything in college. A few years ago the Badger's marvelous little sister Frances told me I needed to make some Cirro t-shirts. So we did, and the whole family wore them at our family reunion in 2002 (I definitely married into the right family!) Many of us still wear them a lot. In fact, it's probably time to make some more. Who wants one?
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Emily said...

Meeeeeeeee! I want one! And my whole family! Can we make some green ones???