Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Bean Takes Care of Roo

We were having a difficult time getting Roo to sleep tonight. The Badger and I were both busy downstairs and she was crying in her crib, so we sent Bean up to sing her songs and try to make her happy. In true Bean take-charge style, he got her out of the crib and proceeded to take very good care of her. He got Pink Blanket and Pink Cup and Dr. Seuss's Sleep Book and curled up in my bed with her. He must have done a very good job because this is what the Badger found when he went upstairs to check on them:

Roo and Bean are very, very close. Roo and Fish are doing better (like, Roo doesn't scream every time Fish touches her anymore) but Roo adores Bean and will sometimes call for him instead of me when she's sad.

I keep wondering how Little Four is going to fit into the sibling dynamic.
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Annalea said...

That second photo is one of the sweetest I've ever, ever seen. Thanks so much for posting it!

Jopoy said...

awww..that's so sweet and cute!