Saturday, February 9, 2008

Today's Project

We are trying really hard to get organized around here. Now that things have settled down a bit for the Badger in terms of school and training at work, he has had some time to attack projects at home. Our downstairs has been a mess. So, today, he took everything out of here:

And temporarily piled it in here:

And then the idea was that he would start putting everything away neatly in the storage room in a highly organized fashion. He did get all the food storage stowed under the stairs:

But that's as far as he got today. He was also working on the garage at the same time, since there was a bunch of stuff in there that needs to go in the storage room and the freezer needed to be moved, etc. etc. So though he worked tirelessly all day, it's going to be a 2-day project, at least. But I'm so happy about everything he was able to get done today! It's been so hard looking at all these boxes in a jumble all over the basement and wanting so badly to move them but not being able to. I love my Badger! And he loves me because I filed his taxes! We really couldn't get along without each other.

That reminds me of something. A few years ago my sister found a product called "Badger Balm" at the health food store, so of course she had to buy it for me. It came in a darling little box, which I still have, that has fabulous little badger drawings all over it. One of the pictures has the caption: "Seriously, if I were lost in some remote place, I'd want my Badger with me." Amen!

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