Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Speaking of Badger Balm

I mentioned Badger Balm in a recent post. That got me thinking about Badger Balm, and remembering something that happened a few weeks ago. Roo had this dreadful rash on her face for several weeks during the holidays and during the move. We put all kinds of stuff on it, from medicines to all-natural products of various kinds. Nothing made a bit of difference. One day during our move I couldn't find anything else to put on her face at bedtime except a tin of Badger Sleep Balm. It's not specifically formulated to be healing, but I figured it would at least be soothing, so I smeared some on. The next morning the difference was remarkable-- her rash had mostly cleared up overnight. I figure it was likely the lavender in it because lavender has great healing properties in addition to its typical use as a calming agent.

Anyway, after I wrote that post where I mentioned Badger Balm, I decided to write the Badger people and tell them how the balm had helped Roo. They emailed me back and said they were sending me a free tin of Sleep Balm! I sent them my address and when I got the package there was not one, but two tins of Badger Balm in it. Not sample size tins either-- full-sized ones. I'm finding in life it really pays to give compliments and positive feedback. Sometimes you just get a good feeling knowing you made someone happy, and sometimes you get free stuff from generous companies like the W.S. Badger Company.

And don't you love the artwork on these tins????

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Annalea said...

Those are beautiful, and it's good to hear that there are still companies that believe it treating their customers well. :o)