Monday, February 11, 2008


One of the fun things about this new place we're living has been getting to know some distant relatives that I'd hardly ever met before. My cousin Jim died five years ago, but his wife and children still live in the area. We even ended up moving into the same ward. They are so excited to have us here and we have been having so much fun getting to know them. It turns out we have tons in common! We invited them over for Roo's birthday and then they invited us over tonight for two birthdays in their family. It's so fun to have family to get together with on special occasions.

This evening we played "Apples to Apples." Why have I never played this game before? Why didn't one of you tell me that it was totally a Birrd game and I NEEDED to play it? I haven't laughed so hard in I don't know when. Especially since these new relatives have a similar sense of humor to mine and they would put down not the most logical cards but the ones that made the most ridiculous juxtapositions. (One that made me lose it completely was when the adjective was "scenic" and someone put down the noun "gall bladder.") They kept me either giggling or howling for over an hour. I don't know if they're ever going to want to let me come over again after how I behaved, but I hope they do because I want to play this game again, and I want to play it with them!


Emily said...

Ohhhh, Birrd, I am so sorry you didn't know about this wonderful game until now! You totally should have played it before!!! I am glad you've played it now and you MUST play it with us this summer!!!!!

Michele said...

I have never played that game before! I listen to Glen Beck and he is always advertising it and I say to myself "we should get that game" but never do. Now I'll REALLY have to get it for our family.
Thanks for the wheat grinder tip. Did you find out what Eve has. I got the Relief Society one last night and it's a Bosch Nutramill, and seems nice.
I get excited everytime I check your site to see if #4 has arrived!
((hugs)) Michele

Anonymous said...

We've played Apples to Apples three times since Christmas, and only once was it falling-on-the-floor hilarious. I think you have to be playing with the right people.

Birrd said...

If that's the case, then I'm even luckier than I realized to have these particular relatives. They seem to share my exact sense of humor, which is unique and bizarre.