Saturday, February 9, 2008

Wet, But Clean For Once!

This evening I took the time to give both boys a very thorough hair-scrubbing. I'm embarrassed to admit I can't remember the last time I did this, since they always tell me they can wash their hair by themselves just fine, thank you very much. They emerge from the bathtub with dripping heads, but last time I noticed that Bean's hair was only clean in back, not in front. With his new longer style that's just not going to work, so I need to be more vigilant, or else give them each a buzz.

But how can I even think about buzzing off this fabulous stuff on top of Bean's head? It is just too hilarious!

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Dauntless Vee said...

It was nice to read your blog :)

Michele said...

That is a gorgeous head of hair! Hey, what's your nickname so I can address you?
I like all the wheat you have!
I just bought some fresh wheat from our stake president. With our tax return I want a wheat grinder. All we have is the metal turn grinder that is great for a last resort. Do you have a good wheat grinder? Any suggestions? I am borrowing the one from our Relief Society today.

Birrd said...

Just call me Bird. Hee hee! That's what my sisters call me all the time, so I'll answer.

We thought we had a lot of wheat, but when we got it all stacked under there we said "that's not enough!" We need to buy more. Did you know wheat prices have, like, nearly doubled in the last year or two? Insane.