Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What Sisters Are For

Everybody should have sisters are as wonderful as mine. My sisters are experts at bringing random joy into my life, often in the form of unexpected surprise packages. Yesterday I opened such a package from my sister the Crocodile and discovered what I have been missing in my life:

An octopus laundry thingie from Ikea. I needed this! Though I'm still using cloth diapers I haven't had time to carry them upstairs and outside and to the clothesline to dry lately-- it just seems to be one step to many for my hectic schedule. So the ones that really need to be hung dry have been clothes-pinned onto hangers that live on a rod next to my washing machine. It's worked okay, but THIS!!! This was made for cloth diapers! And it's an octopus!!!! Do you have any idea how I feel about octopuses? No, you probably don't, but my sister knows. She could clearly see that someone designed this creature just for me.

Now every day as I go about the mundane chore of hanging up my diapers I will giggle as I clip them onto this Object of Joy.

Oh, what would I do without my wonderful, wonderful sisters?

P.S. Bean sure needs to learn how to get people to pull normal faces when he takes their picture, doesn't he?

P.P.S. The octopus needs a name. Suggestions?

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Annalea said...

Sarah, you are just so great. I really needed this smile! :o)

Someday I hope to be as great of friends with my SIL's as you are with your sisters. I'm so glad my girls have each other!

scraps said...

In the olden days we use to hang nylons on something like that, after washing them by hand. lol
Name: Octavius

Anonymous said...

We use one of this when we are camping although mine is pink..which I love it is not near as cute as yours...I say Ollie!

Jenilyn said...

I have to agree with Scraps that Octavius is the perfect name. Besides, don't you want him to grow up to be Augustus of Primaporta?

Anonymous said...

Been (pronounced Bean):P :) ;)