Monday, October 6, 2008


I love Land's End canvas tote bags. I have two and I wish I had more. The large ones are really big and perfect for library books, trips to the beach, and soccer games. They also make good temporary play pens:

I was at Fish's soccer game and I needed to help him with his shoes, so I secured the Rabbit in my tote bag. Her head is down in the picture because she was trying to suck on my water bottle. I kept trying to get her to look up for a picture but she was too into the water bottle. Then she discovered there was a highly fascinating plastic bag just outside her container, so she went for that and I had to stop her. So ended the amusing bag episode.

But then yesterday we had the amusing block container episode. The Rabbit somehow scooted herself into this Sterlite container full of blocks and hung out happily for quite awhile.

I still can't quite figure out how she got in there. I know she did it by herself, approaching the tub from behind. She's a pretty talented little critter.

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Emily said...

OK - that picture in the tub - especially the first one -- is insanely cute!!! She is sooooo darling!!!!!

CStanford said...

I'm taking notes here.