Saturday, October 25, 2008

Prairie Landscapes

Yesterday we went to a community-sponsored program designed to introduce preschool age children to the arts. The preschoolers in the group were squirming all over the place, but my boys totally ate it up. They talked about landscapes and at the end the children each got to make their own landscapes with strips of tissue paper and watered-down glue and a cardboard log cabin.

I pretty much made Roo's for her, since she was being reticent. She finally warmed up at the end and helped me with the clouds though. Didn't we do a nice job?

Fish made his completely on his own once I showed him how to work the glue. Didn't he do a nice job? I think the big blob of yellow was supposed to be the sun but it migrated downward on the way home and then the glue dried so now it's... uh... a big flower or something.

Bean went and sat on the complete opposite side of the room so I didn't even see his until he got home. He tried to make Laura from Little House on the Prairie, but he was having a hard time so he decided it was just a tree. In this photograph though I think it looks more like Laura than a tree. Didn't he do a nice job?

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Annalea said...

Yes, most absolutely, those are nice jobs. ;o) What a great idea, too. I wonder where I can find inexpensive colored tissue . . .