Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Featuring Me

Yesterday my response to the question "Why do you cloth diaper?" was featured on the blog "The Cloth Diaper Whisperer." This blog is run by Kelly Wels, a momtrepreneur who runs several online diaper purchasing websites that I have bought from in the past. I have to admire Kelly's marketing strategies. For posting this link to her blog from mine I get entered into a contest to win a dozen free bumGenuis diapers (which are wonderful and expensive). Everyone on Kelly's mailing list who has a blog is going to post a link with such a lovely carrot dangling in front of them and with all those links Kelly's blog will go way up on the search engines. Smart Kelly! Then by writing my little essay on why I cloth diaper I got free points on my Kelly's Closet account which add up to free diapers. I also get points for posting product reviews on the store site, so I'm really motivated to contribute my opinion. This helps Kelly, so she rewards me for it. Smart Kelly!

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