Friday, October 10, 2008

Making Muffins

Since today was "Making Day," I let the boys do most of the work in making muffins for lunch. I specifically tried to get Fish involved as much as possible to help him feel more a part of our school. I let him handle a sharp knife for the first time so he could chop the dates for these bran date muffins. I also let him use the scooper thingie. He did such a good job.

Roo helped by trying to drop grapes in the batter while no one was looking.

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Meechelee said...

Oh Fun, he is doing a great job. i knew you would make a wonderful homeschooling mom!
Is that the Pampered Chef scoop that Fish is holding? My mom sells Pampered Chef (check out my site) so I noticed it. Does it work well? One of my friends said her large scoop jams up.