Friday, October 17, 2008

Daddy-Daughter Dinner

There was a Daddy-Daughter Dinner over at our church tonight. The Badger wanted to have a really special date with his little Roo, so he wore his nicest suit and I dressed her up in her fanciest little dress and did her hair. Then the Badger went and bought her a pink rose. The "Pretty Flower" was an instant favorite. Here she is in the driveway as they're getting ready to leave:

The Badger said she clutched that flower all evening and completely enchanted the entire assembly. (I can just see all the pre-teen and teenage girls there cooing over her!)

Even as I write this, she's trotting around the room with her Pretty Flower firmly in hand.

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scraps said...

How fun is that? I'm glad they got to go.