Friday, June 13, 2008

What's Up

A few weeks ago I decided I had absolutely had it with buying diapers. Between Roo diapers, Rabbit diapers, pullups for the boys, and wipes I was spending a small fortune each month and I was sick of it. But what to do? I couldn't wave a magic wand and make my boys stop wetting the bed. But... aha! I could potty train Roo!

What was I thinking? She's not even two and a half! She's enamored of her potty and sits on it frequently, but so far we've hit the potty target only three times and misfired all over the house. I'd stop trying except that she's now used to running around half naked and takes her diaper off whenever I do put it on. So I just remind myself that eventually she'll catch on. And then I'll give all my carpets a good shampoo with my Kirby.

I still have to put diapers on Roo at naptime and bedtime and anytime we go anywhere. After I began the potty training venture I realized that it was only going to cut down slightly the amount of diapers Roo uses, even if she trained easily and quickly. My plan to cut diaper costs was foiled.

So I did something even more drastic.

I switched to cloth diapers.

I still can't believe I'm saying that!

Now for the really big, shocking confession:

I like them.

It's even more than that. The world of cloth diapering is diverse, fascinating, challenging, and (tee hee!) absorbing. I've spent hours online reading, researching, and shopping. And I've enjoyed every minute of it. In fact, I've been avoiding my blog all week because I knew if I went to post I would inundate it with cloth diapering minutiae and either disgust or bore all my dear readers. But I can't avoid it any longer. I had to confess!

Whew! Now that's off my chest. I have more confessions, but it's late, so I will save them for tomorrow.

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