Thursday, June 19, 2008

Seeing the Light

Our Bishop invited us over for dinner the other night. We had a great time with their family. As it got dark at the end of the evening, the fireflies came out. Having lived Out West for so many years I had forgotten about fireflies. I don't have the kind of vegetation they like over at my house so this was the first time since we moved here that we'd seen them. The kids had never seen them before in their whole lives. The Bishop's kids grabbed a bunch of old peanut butter jars and pretty soon the air was filled with cries of "look over there!" and "I got one!"

In this picture the little dot of light between Bean's fingers is really and truly a firefly lit up.

As I was watching the firefly hunt, I was thinking "this is childhood magic at its best!" Then on the way home, I asked the kids if they'd had fun. Bean's answer made me ill. He said "I wish we hadn't played outside and caught fireflies because then we would have had more time to play the computer game."

AAARGH!! Kids these days!!!!

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Becca said...

I too miss fireflies. I've only seen them once and that was 4 years ago in Pennsylvania.

As for kids these days, I let Ty spend hours on the computer and then he won't go near it for days. Sometimes overkills work to get off the excitement of things. Now, if we could do the same thing about the TV.