Sunday, June 29, 2008

Stay Tuned!

Oh my goodness, I have so many wonderful pictures to put on my blog! We are in Utah and we just attended the wedding of the Badger's sister. It was beautiful. We're having a wonderful time. We just don't have the right equipment to upload our pictures at the moment. But stay tuned, I'll get some up soon!

I'll leave you with a quick story from our drive out here. As you may know, Bean has struggled a lot with reading. Sometimes you think your kid is never going to get it, and it's so rewarding when you finally see something click. The second day of our loooooong drive we went through Denver and then headed up I-70 into the Colorado Rockies. A short distance into the foothills Bean asked if he could see the map. We said "sure," and handed it to him, though we knew that he can't read more than a handful of words and he doesn't know how to read a map. Well, a minute later he pointed to a spot and said "this is where we're at." I looked at his finger and it was within 10 miles of where we were. I was so surprised. "How did you figure that out?" I asked. He gave me a classic "Mom, don't be so dumb" look, and pointed to the word "Denver" on the map. "Duh-ehh-nnnn-verrrr," he sounded out. I guess he does know how to read a map!

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Meechelee said...

Oh man, I am so bummed now because the kids and I were suppose to be in Utah this week too! You probably would have been way too busy to meet up but still, I sure miss you.
Now, are you saying that Francis got Married?! She is the only one I can think of who wasn't married yet. I am dying to see pictures.
That is so neat Bean is showing off his skills. Noah has had a struggle with reading but I have noticed since January that he has taken off. I hope it continues.
Well, have a wonderful time in Utah!