Friday, April 4, 2008

Playing and Smiling

My little Rabbit has been much, much happier in her bouncy chair since she has learned how to swat at interesting danglies that make noise. (Jenna will recognize her shower gift to Bean, still completely intact, which is a minor miracle.)

I am so in love with this kid's eyes. They are so keen and alert.

She also has begun smiling in response to stimulus. The first time was just a couple days ago, when she smiled at the Badger when he was snuggling her. Made his day. She hasn't smiled at me yet, but I caught her smiling at her toys when I was taking these pictures. Unfortunately, this was the best the camera got:

Isn't she Beautiful???? I'm still completely infatuated.
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Annalea said...

She surely is beautiful, Birrd. I'm so glad I get to see photos!

And I love the blog's new look . . .