Tuesday, April 15, 2008

April Ides Report

I'm on a plan to get in shape. It's been a month. Here is my first report.

My scale is being wonky, so I can't tell you if I've lost pounds, but my jeans are a little baggier. I've been doing Pilates 6 mornings a week since April 1st and I can tell I have more muscle tone. So things are going well, even if I haven't shed an astounding amount of pounds. (Slow and steady is better, I know. Sigh.)

As a bonus for y'all helping me with this get-in-shape project, the above photo contains a very darling fuzzy newborn back-of-a-head for you to enjoy.

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MKMT said...

go sarah! i'm working on the same goal - the baby is definately worth it, but this is hard work! i'm so glad you're happy in your new prairie home.