Friday, April 11, 2008

Bean's Opinion of Beans

I made this totally easy and healthy recipe for lunch yesterday: white beans and spinach. SIX cloves of garlic, yum! The boys were not impressed (though Roo was). I was aiming the camera at Bean and his beans when the Badger told Bean he had to eat everything in that bowl before he could have any more of the Chex mix he brought home from work, and so the shutter clicked with Bean starting into one of his famous tantrums. In the words of Pioneer Woman, I'm keepin' it real.

In the end, Bean did eat all the beans and said that he liked them, though he declined a second helping.
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Annalea said...

Isn't it great, educating our kids' palates? I have to keep reminding my troop: "Just because it's new doesn't mean you don't like it."

And then the power struggle follows . . . much like Bean's. ;o) But, my kids usually end up liking whatever it was they at first refused.

Way to go for not giving up . . .