Sunday, April 27, 2008

Best Friends

How often do you have two families where the husbands are best friends, the wives are best friends, and the kids all adore each other? We feel so lucky to have Rob and Eve in our lives.

Hey! No one's ever taken a picture of the Badger and Rob together! Stand over there by the tree, you two!

No, no, no! See how Eve and I do it? (Sheesh! Now I know why I had so much trouble lining up the boys!)

That's better. Very nice.

So then Bean wants his picture with their oldest, who has the same name (and same dynamic personality!) Isn't this a darling photo?

We are richly blessed when it comes to friends.

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Annalea said...

It's so rare to have both the husbands AND wives be even good friends--let alone best of friends. I'm so glad they came to visit you!