Monday, April 14, 2008

Our New Television Set

Tired of not having a TV, Bean decided to make his own. He created the shell out of a cardboard box, then made a huge stack of pictures to put in it. Fish helped with the pictures too. We all sat on his bed in the dark while he put the pictures in one at a time and then shined a flashlight behind them so we could see them.

Here's the Badger enjoying both the show and being able to hold his Little Rabbit. Roo was supposed to be in the picture too but she took off just as the shutter clicked. She's never been a big TV watcher.

I highly recommend this type of television. It is much more stimulating to children's brains than the usual type.

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CStanford said...

(strokes beard) hmmmmmmmm . . . I'll have to remember this.