Friday, July 31, 2009

Swimming Lessons

We just finished a two-week session of swimming lessons for the boys. They really enjoyed it.

Fish passed his Level 1 test. Here he is doing the back crawl.

Bean was in Level 3, where they learn all the different strokes (even Butterfly-- I was surprised!) and learn to dive. He totally ate it up, even though he started out a little behind the other kids. I loved watching him get totally, completely tired out. And he passed his Level 3 test!

This was the last session our city does for the summer. I can't believe they don't have one in August! I wish we'd gotten them in sooner. Next summer we'll have to start earlier. They have a summer swim team and I think I'll put Bean on that next year. It would be worth it to drive to the pool every day all summer just to watch him enjoying himself so much and getting so much good exercise.

Today I also signed them up for fall sports: flag football for Bean and soccer for Fish. I'm always glad when a season ends because I get tired of all the running around, but then when we're not doing anything I realize how much energy sports takes out of my children. They are much less hyper at home during sports season. I can't wait until fall sports practices start!
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