Thursday, July 9, 2009

One Year Later

It's been a year, and I'm still crazy about my cloth diapers. Look at this darling Fuzzibunz I recently bought:

Sometimes I think they are a lot of work. Sometimes I think they are kind of yucky. But I love being able to take them out of the wash and use them again. I wouldn't switch back, even for the convenience, because it just seems like such a waste of money. Especially now that I have so many darling pocket diapers in my stash.

They have held up well. The Aplix (velcro) closures are a little worn on some of them, so I try to only buy snap closures. I love it that bumGenius! now has snaps on their organic all-in-ones because I love their colors but I don't like the Aplix. They are some of my favorite diapers. I wouldn't buy Rumparooz again (bad side stretchy tabs, bulky), nor Haute Pockets (my only diaper that is starting to look ratty), nor Rocky Mountain diapers (big-time side leak embarrassment episodes). Fuzzibunz is the latest brand I've tried and I love how "fuzzi" they are inside but I don't like the placement of the snaps. My all-around favorite by far still remains Mommy's Touch and I intend to slowly buy more of them in nice colors and phase out the screaming neon ones.

My philosophy is that if I'm going to diaper the hard way I deserve to have fun with it. However, despite my collection of cute cloth, I still have saved a mountain of money over the last twelve months.
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