Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bean's Big Birthday

Boy, life is just one big party around here lately!

Here is a picture of Bean's birthday dinner. Lasagne, garlic bread, and corn on the cob. (You can also see that none of us ever got around to fixing the birthday streamers after the Rabbit's escapade.)

He was so excited that he got a model rocket kit. We can't wait to launch it with him!

So, here's the second of my trio of submarine cakes. I drew the submarine and wrote the lettering, then I gave the bag of frosting to Bean and let him doodle all over the cake. Then I let him put a bunch of Swedish fish wherever he wanted. I'm glad in this instance I remembered that letting him help and have fun was more important than having a picture-perfect cake. Maybe next year I'll let him do all the decorating himself.

And here's the whole family, minus the photographer.

(Yes, I know my family collage on the wall behind us is falling apart. I keep thinking about fixing it, but I get distracted and it gets pushed out of my mind. After all, it doesn't scream.)

Anyway, I think Bean had a great day!

I can't believe I've been a mother for eight years!

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Annalea said...

"After all, it doesn't scream."

HAHAHAHA!!! So succinct. Yet another gem from you. I love 'em. :o)

The Anderman just pointed out that you guys have the same clock as we do. Match that up with the table & chairs that are nearly identical, and I really think we should live closer to one another . . . how does Idaho sound as a nice compromise? lol

CStanford said...

Model rockets RAWK!

Toad said...

Yes, they do "RAWK"!