Sunday, July 26, 2009

Water Creatures

I married a sea creature and it is becoming more and more apparent that my boys are taking after their father.

Our ward (church congregation) had a campout on Friday night. It was held at a privately-owned lake, which meant we had the swimming dock and the boats all to ourselves. All the kids there had so much fun swimming, boating, and diving. My boys especially loved the kayaks. They paddled them around for hours.

It really struck me how they just looked like they were exactly where they belonged.

And when I say "boys" I mean this one too:

It was especially fun to watch Fish. Just barely six years old and he had total control over his kayak. I was impressed. I also think it did a lot for his confidence and self-esteem. He even took one of the girls in his Primary class for a romantic little cruise:

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