Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Squid is a Huggable Dear

On our last trip to the candy store (aka the library) we picked up a wonderful children's picture book called "I Love My Buzzard" by Tres Seymour. It's a charming account, in rhyme, of a boy who has so many unusual pets that his mother finally flees the house for the sake of her own sanity. (Then of course he realizes he likes his mother more than his pets so he gets rid of them.) It's a darling book, but the line line that totally tickled my funny bone was near the end where he says:

"I love my buzzard, my warthog, and bat.
My squid is a huggable dear.
I prize my iguana and cherish my slugs.
But I wish that my mother were here."

That's how I've always felt about squids-- that they are huggable dears.

We have an unusual number of squids and octopi around our house due to those feelings of mine. Let me introduce you to one of them. This is my Power Squid.

He serves the same purpose as a power strip: many electrical outlets from one. He's fabulously useful and wonderfully squiddy.

Not quite a huggable dear, but pretty close.
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Dr. Croc said...

A squid would be a most entertaining pet! (In fact I would also love a buzzard, bat, slugs and iguana. No warthogs, though.)

CStanford said...

Oh, for just totally freakin' AWESOME!!!

By the way, I read an article about five foot squids attacking divers I think in the Gulf of Mexico. It made me laugh.

Must get that book . . .