Thursday, July 9, 2009

Look Out, Cub Scouts!

Here comes Bean!

His birthday isn't for another 12 days, but Bean can't wait to be in Cub Scouts. He's been going to pack meetings with me since I got called to be Cub Committee Chair last October and it seemed to him like this day would never arrive. Cub Scouts just seems like it was made for Bean, and Bean just seems like he was made for Cub Scouts.

Someone gave us an old shirt and I need to change some of the insignia on it, but he couldn't stop himself from trying on the whole ensemble anyway (yes, I know his neckerchief still needs to be tucked under his collar). Since I didn't need to fork out for the shirt I bought him a cap and a belt even though they're optional in our pack.

Yep, he's definitely ready to be a Cub Scout!
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scraps said...

I am sure he will have a great time!