Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Gotta Have More

Two summers ago around a family reunion campfire, my sisters discovered an old Girl Scout song of mine about chocolate chip cookies. The lyrics to the chorus go like this:

"Chocolate chip cookies
Gotta have more
You can bake 'em in the oven
Or buy 'em at the store
But whatever you do
Have them ready at your door
And I'll love you 'til I die"

I was surprised that they'd never heard it before and charmed that they loved it so much. They sang it again and again.

Thanks to my sister Pineapple, I have the recipe for the very best chocolate chip cookies ever. I only make them once or twice a year though because when I do make them I can't stop eating them. The recipe makes six dozen. I could eat them all. In a day.

The other day I made them for a cub scout meeting. I figured I was safe if I had to take most of them to a function. My family still snarfed up 2 dozen in a few short minutes.

That's the nice thing about having a lot of kids. They save you from eating too much of something yourself. I still ate quite a few cookies, but I didn't gain any weight over the whole experience. For someone with my track record, that's an achievement.

"When I die I don't want wings
A golden halo or a harp that sings
Just give me a book, a fire
And someone to bring me
Chocolate chip cookies all day!"

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Dr. Croc said...

Oh yeah. I love those cookies.