Saturday, August 1, 2009

It Was a Blast!

This evening we went out to launch the model rocket Bean got for his birthday. The kids were excited about the concept of model rockets, but they didn't have a clue how totally nifty it was going to be until they saw it go up the first time.

Then they were pretty much hooked.

There was a bit of a wind blowing, and on our third launch the rocket left the park and landed in a tree belonging to a house across the street. We had to go knock on the door and ask for the homeowner's help in extracting our rocket. He got a ladder and we got our rocket back. He said he was always rescuing kites and frisbees and other flying debris out of his trees. (I guess that's something to keep in mind if you ever consider buying a house right next to a park!) Our rocket survived the ordeal, thankfully. These kids can't stop talking about when we're going to go launch it again. (Rocket engines are going in the family store!)
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