Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ice Princess

I took the boys ice skating a month ago and left the girls behind. While at the rink, I noticed several very tiny tots darting around on itty bitty skates. "I wonder if Roo is old enough for this," I thought. I asked her about it and she said she wanted to go. So we decided to go again and take her. She loved it!

I'm not sure which she loved most: wearing pink mittens, being the center of Cousin Cynthia's attention, or the actual skating. We never did get her to actually stand on her own, but she did get more and more comfortable with the ice and a little bit better at bearing her own weight. Mostly it was just fun to have her there because she was so cute.

As for my fearless, fantastic boys, they gained a lot of skating skill by going skating twice in within a few weeks instead of our typical once a year. It was fun to watch them go from wobble to whiz within a short space of time. They love ice skating!

I hope we can do it more often. I'm even tempted to sign Roo up for lessons. The Badger and I have been talking about how she doesn't get much exercise. Hmmm... maybe we should all take skating lessons!
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Linda said...

Do you remember the "mommy and me" skating lessons in 1983? You were so cute and so enthusiastic!

Birrd said...

Loved 'em!!!

Toad said...

You went to 7 Peaks, right?