Friday, August 21, 2009

School Has Started

And so far it's going great. This is the most organized we've ever been and the kids are responding to that really well. It's so wonderful that Bean is finally mentally developed enough to focus long enough for some school time as well as actually work independently for once. Fish doesn't have the same developmental challenges that Bean does, so he has settled right in and is doing very well. His only issue is that he is a perfectionist and if he can't get something right on the first try or if I have to help him he gets very upset.

Here they are working on their art projects from Artistic Pursuits.

Here's my teacher's desk. I've had this antique desk for years and for the last several years I have only been using the hutch in a decorative manner and the drawers for tablecloth storage. Then I realized that the desk part makes the perfect place for my teacher's supplies since it closes and locks and is right next to the dining table where we work! Hooray! You can also see in this picture that our tree is filling in. They earn the leaves each day by doing their work to the best of their ability.

The hardest part of school this year so far has been keeping the Rabbit occupied. She's been sick this week and has been very fussy. A couple days she really put a wrench in school. Sometimes, though, I can occupy her with a puzzle or some other diversion.

So we're off to a great start!
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Melissa said...

Hooray for a great start! Keep up the good work!!

We start on Sept 1st, right after our family reunion. The kids and I can hardly wait, lol

melissa :)