Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Favorite Way to Spend a Sunday Evening

Cousin Howell had a friend over this evening and we sat around the piano and sang hymns for quite a long time. Cousin Howell, like his father, has a gorgeous singing voice. His friend had a lovely soprano. I think we sounded quite melodious.

I love reading stories about the old days when instead of getting together and flopping down in front of the TV people would gather around the piano and harmonize. I believe amazing things happen beyond our understanding when we raise our voices together.

The hymn book has been the starting point of many of my most powerful and poignant spiritual experiences through the years. Whenever I spend time with the hymn book something always resonates with my soul, be it a tune or a lyric. These words, by Eliza R. Snow, spoke to me this morning:

With constant faith and fervent prayer,
With deep humility of soul,
With steadfast mind and heart, prepare
To see th’eternal purpose roll.


Annalea said...

Thank you, Birrd. I've been feeling the need to gather round the piano again . . . and this is a wonderful reminder. :o)

Have a great week!

Linda said...

Yes, this resonates with my soul, too. Love you.