Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's That Time of Year Again!

We went strawberry picking this morning. Mr. Eeyore, who runs the u-pick farm, insisted that the crop was terrible this year. However, I still came away with thirty pounds of utter heaven. Okay, they were a little small, but small sometimes makes for better flavor.

At least ten pounds were picked by my two boys, who actually worked constantly and un-complainingly the whole time we were in the field. I didn't have to coax them at all. They just dove in and filled their buckets. Starting them on berry picking when they were tiny tykes seems to have paid off (Fish has been doing this every year since he was ten months old).

Strawberry picking is becoming quite the well-loved tradition in our family. And if it wasn't fun enough by itself, there's the strawberry eating afterwards. My kids and I all had red, sticky, happy mouths and fingers at lunch time today.
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The Hills said...

Your posts make me smile. I miss you all so much! By the way - share the wealth, those strawberries look good and the ones we had at the farmer's market a couple of days ago were tasteless. I didn't even buy them.

scraps said...

These were great berries!! Thanks for sharing, we ate them plain and make some fruits shakes, delicious!
They reminded me of the ones we use to get from the fields in Azusa.